Monday, 17 October 2011

Weird Fact of the Week......

Weird Fact of the Week:
A Company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat , so you can eat your plate!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Being Sick for Ages!

Second week of term Three I had fell onto some Boulders and tore a Muscle in my back. A few weeks after that I Gastroenteritis (tummy bug had to go to Hospital.) After that I had a Stye and Chicken pox. Then I had a sore stomach on my right side and we went to Starship and they thought it was an Appendiex but it wasen't then it spread all over my stomach, to my leg which was swollen then to the rest of my body. We then had to go to Waitakere Hospital, we stayed there for three or two days. The Doctors there said that it was just left over pain and I was in a wheelchair for two days. But to cheer me up my lovely class made me a nice hard working card for me.:) Ohh what horrible term! Abigail :)