Friday, 18 November 2011

Sunflowers so far

 Chantelles was the first to sprout a wee shoot!
Today I was eating my breakfast when my step mum said " Hey Chantelle come and have a look at this" and she showed me the yoghurt pot and it had a little sprout coming out of it. And as you can see there is not enough soil because my step mum was holding it in the car when we went to the pharmacy yesterday, and she dropped it and it went all over the car, but on the bright side my step mum needed to vacuum her car anyway.

Then came Steph's Miss Sunny....


  1. I feel so sorry for you Chantelle Your sunflower was going so well! So cute Steph What a cute sprout! mine has already sprouted but my babysitter is looking after it while i am on vacation. What a cute photo Steph.


  2. Hello I'm Travis writing to you from Hilton Primary School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Your flowers are lovely.Also we have bean growing shamrocks to celebrate Saint Patricks Day! As well as that we all wore green as it is the colour of Ireland.

    Our wether is lovely here at the momant how many degries is it in your country?

    Hope to hear from you again from Travis.

    1. Our blog has moved come and see us on and we can connect with our blogs.
      it is just turning into winter here in New Zealand we have just had a cool summer