Thursday, 23 June 2011

M & M experiment!

Yesterday we did a M & M experiment. First  we got some petri dishes and then the M & M 's. We put 4 diffrent colour M & M's in the petri dishes. Then we pour a little amount of water. The colour dissolved in the water and the colour and the sugar sank. Soon Miss cheeseman shaked one petri dish and the colours went like a arouras in the sky. It was as beautiful as the rainbow. Miss Cheeseman got one M & M dish and showed us  the bottom. the sugar sinks to the bottom. The colours of the M & M's did not mix together at all, they all had their own spaces. They only mixed when we knocked the dish.  That happens becaususe the water is a liquid and the M & M is a solid and it mixes together. We learnt that the colour came of the M & M because the food colouring is light. It also went to small pieces but only sometimes.  When you eat half of the M & M you will see chocolate in it. (WE ALSO GOT TO EAT ONE!)

By Areeba and Tamanna:)


  1. Wow! That was preety amazing. When it had it's own little space. I like the one on the top then to the right. Great description Tamanna and Areeba. I absolutely love the part when you said : ( WE ALSO GOT TO EAT ONE!) It was a good part. Abigail:)

  2. Great write up girls, can you remember any of the scientific words we used to describe what was happening?

  3. Yes! dissolve, dispenser, evaporate,steam,expand,sink

    Areeba and Tamanna:)

  4. Thank you thank you thank you thank you very much for those comments Miss Cheeseman and Abigail AREEBA AND TAMANNA:-)