Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Corbans Art Centre

On a cloudy sunny day,  room 1 and room 22 went to Corbans Art Centre. We loudly marched there like big elephants. Finally we were there and the manager came and showed us where the 3 rooms we are allowed to go in and the managers name was Shelly. In room 2 there was two big sheets of paper that we can write what we liked about the art. My favourite was the koros that the year 8's did at Sunderland school, I liked it because it was a circle and it had a dark colour with black. After that we went to see some paintings of birds.  My favourite  paintings of the birds was the swan in the office and the chickens at the restaurant eating noodles. We went to see the photos that people took for a competition.  Soon we  had to walk back to school and on the way back Chantelle, Neha,  Cameron and I played I-Spy and it was really hard to think of what word they are thinking of. When we were at school we were bursting for food and water so we had lunch and went to go and play.

By Atalia


  1. It was a really cool trip going to the Corbans art centre.

  2. I really like how we did go for a walk to Corbans art centre. It was a great walk. I did really enjoy it.

  3. You are very lucky to have an art centre in your town. We like to paint in our class. What kind of art is your favourite to do?