Monday, 8 August 2011

Our Train Tracks Trip

Last week we went on a walk with Room 1 and Constable Dean. We walked all the way from school to the train tracks! When we got there we sat down for a while then Mrs Brown said that 6 groups of us can cross the tracks BUT we need to Stop, Look and Listen. If we just walked straight away without looking we might get run over by a train. Once we crossed the tracks we waited and waited till one train came past and was very quiet in the distance but not right up close to us. We were all on the ground feeling the vibration of the train coming past. We all wanted it to beep so Gabe said " Pull the bell". They did then everybody blocked their ears. After we had finished the train thing Constable Dean tried to see if we all remembered the safety rules, like how far do you have to be away from the train tracks the answer is 1.5 metres away from the tracks, otherwise you will get whipped up underneath the train, that will not be good.

By Abigail


  1. Wow Abigail that was a amazing blogpost. I liked the word whipped. What you could do better next time is put more ajectives and simelies. :-) :) Tamanna

  2. Abigail you are so good atr doing posts and if we had a blog post moniter you would be the blog post moniter. I love your blogs Abigail and I hope your back gets better


  3. Woa! that's one gigantic train I wonder how long will it take to stop when it's going full speed

    from zion3:)

  4. Wow Abigail your a clever writer. I wish I was like you. That train look out was amazing. I wish we could do it again. :)