Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A readable book online from Shantytown

Last week our teacher [Miss Cheeseman] spent three days in the South Island in a place called Hokitika. She showed some teachers some cool things to do in the classroom with the iPads and then spent two days at Shantytown working with children at a Kids Conference. Check out this cool eBook created on an iPad by one of the students. They took their own photos too. You can turn the pages of the book at the bottom corners.

Click on the picture to see the book



  1. What a fabulous Book. We will have to check out this tool. I visited Shanty town when I was in NZ a few years ago, so it was great to see all the photos and read the story.Great work!Has everyone in the class been there?
    Mrs Gridley and JuniorG

  2. Wow Geogia what a fantastic book about Shantytown and what great pictures Geogia well done I hope you do more posts like this so I can read them.
    Lucy (Highlawnprimary)

  3. No everyone from the class hasn't been there...it's too far away from Auckland. They hope to go soon though.

  4. Wow,Georgia, this is a fantastic book based on Shantytown! Great pictures and it looked very fun. Was it a trip; though only a few (for now) went...

    Joshua H (Highlawn)

  5. Ohh I really did miss you Miss Cheeseman! It sound's so cool there. What a nice sight to see there. Did you get to see mountains there? Abigail.:)