Thursday, 1 September 2011

St Johns


Yesterday Room 22 went to St Johns to learn about the emergency. We first had a look at the ambulance for the people who helps in the emergencys. We learnt why there are lights and sounds on the car for police, ambulance and fire fighters. It was for the people who were in their ways, because the sound means to get out of my way, I am in emergency. But most of all, we learnt about the ambulance.What was in there and why is it so tall and wide. The reason for it is when you were in the truck and there are two people in the truck, the wideness of the truck makes it fit and the tallness let you stand up, and reoson for there are black windows on the ambulance is people do not like to see all the bloods from the people. Then we did a little game. It was called the
''Action Game''. 
''how to play Action Game''=
First, we make an action for the police, ambulance and the fire fighters. Second, one person show an picture about the problem and other people have to do the action for the police, ambulance or the fire fighters or what ever what person it needs (not calling out). We also practiced tighing the strips on the arms or the legs. After, we practised calling in 111. We have to tell them are you calling fire fighters or the ambulance or the police and you also have to tell the details about you and the problem. Now, the last, St Johns gave us the nice cool apples, and we went back to the class.

By Sunwoo


  1. Doctor Sharma in the future HA HA HA!!!!
    Your sincerely Rayhan

  2. Awesome Sun woo that was a good st johns explanation. you remember everything. The best part I liked was the cool apples. Tamanna

  3. Do you call 111 on your telephones when you need fire, police or ambulance? We call 911 in Canada.
    Mrs Soltau-Heller k/1's

  4. Yes we do have to ring 111 here. BUT if we make a mistake and dial 911 [some people do - our teacher did once when she saw a car accident happen] it goes to the police, ambulance and fire anyway. Our teacher comes from England and there they have to dial 999.