Monday, 16 May 2011

Zombie story

The story   

Last week I went to my cousins  house down the road my sister went to her  friends house. When I was at my cousins I asked my cousin Tyler if we could go to the school  “Ok” He said. We set off on our walk half way down the road I went round the corner I saw a walkway I was walking down and something scary bit me in the arm I screamed and the thing through me in a box and they opened it...   I saw a zombie it trained me and taught  me zombie language so I talk zombie language so I am half zombie now. They took me to a place called Monroeville. Goboter meens hello nopplegoba meens Gabe my name. The zombie that tought me zombie languege His name was Hopermcpor. 
By Gabe  

Inspierd by Fake photographs Written by Sally odgers


  1. This is a really scary story. The picture is really creepy. When I started reading it my arm just felt a litle sore.

  2. Cool Gabe I read it it was so cool great job.

  3. Cool Gabe this was the best story ever
    I seen anyway I think it's really cool.

  4. I love what you've done Gabe but I thought your one was going to be on something else


  5. This picture scared some of the students in our class. Some of the students liked the picture.

  6. Wow I like all those zombies. This is like real to me. What you could do better next time is put some more zombies in. Tamanna. :-) :).

  7. Cool work Gabe Jayda p
    Room 21

  8. Creepy picture.... but awesome story!! :D

    Joshua H (Highlawn)