Thursday, 18 August 2011

The amazing EGGsperiment

Room 22 did an excellent science experiment and it was called the amazing EGGsperiment. First we boiled 4 smelly eggs, Miss Cheeseman hates eggs! We had to peel the shell off the eggs, it was a messy job but we still did it, one was a disaster but it worked out fine. We had to try and get a boiled egg into a glass jar that was too small for the egg but without breaking it. It was time to burn the paper, Miss Cheeseman put the rustling paper in the jar then Henderson swiftly put the egg on the jar. But the paper kept on burning out, so then Kiana came up with the idea to use newspaper and it worked in the big jar. We tried again in the little jar but it didn't work but the egg that time got halfway through though. We were very pleased that one of them worked.We learnt that the egg slides down because fire needs oxygen and when we put the egg on top it blocked the oxygen and the air outside the jar pushes the egg into the jar.
Hopefully room 22 had a great time.                       By Kiana and Chantelle



  1. Phew! its about time we got over that experiment By way POOR MISS CHEESEMAN!!!!

  2. That was an amazing explanation Kiana and Chauntelle. The part I liked the best was the 4 smelly eggs. Tamanna:-)