Monday, 13 June 2011

Fruit Salad in science!!!

On a cold, windy day Muriwai pod were going to make fruit salad, but we had to do Jump Jam first and put our pieces of fruit in the hall.
After Jump Jam Muriwai pod got in to our library buddies, and in the hall we teamed up with another group. When we were sorting out our groups, the teachers sorted out the tables and equipment that we needed. After that we got our pieces of fruits and we found a table to work at.
When everyone found a table to work at, we started to peel, slice and cut our pieces of fruits. While we where chopping and peeling our fruits up, some teachers came up to our group and giving us some safety tips (So we can be safe). Atalia learnt that when you chop a piece of fruit like an apple, the flat side has to be facing the flat surface and when you chop, chop away from you. You should chop away from yourself because if you cut towards you the knife might slip out of your hands and cut you. When we chopped up all our pieces of fruit up, we chucked it in the big, plastic bowl and waited for a teacher to come to our table. When one came to our table, thet stirred up our yummy fruit salad and spooned each of us a cup of fruit salad.  Minutes later, Muriwai took a cup of fruit salad and took a pod photo. When we finished taking photos we went to morning tea and ate our delightful fruit salad. And it was DELIGHTFUL!!!

By Atalia and Kirsten


  1. Atalia and Kirsten,
    You have my mouth watering with the way you described your delicious fruit salad. What a great way to share morning tea, making it together.
    I would love to know what different fruits you put into your salad.
    You are very lucky to share this experience together at school.
    Mrs Verona Gridley and juniorG

  2. I liked making the fruit salad I liked the bananas and I liked chopping.

  3. Wow Atalia and kirsten what a great way to say what we did. It was very yum and amazing. It is such a yummy way to have morning tea and it is amazing to see what science you can find in fruit and fruit salad.

  4. I liked the fruit salad and the chopping!

  5. WOW looks like you guys are doing two of our values team and sucses that's good

    By Kirsten

  6. I liked the fruit salad and the chopping!