Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Science Ignition day!

Today we had Science ignition day and we had so much fun at the other stations and experamints.
photo by Gabe


  1. wow, this experiment looks so interesting, especially that cylinder of multi - coloured liquid. What is it and what were you investigating? I do hope we get to find out more....
    Mrs Duxbury (High Lawn Primary - Bolton)

  2. we were looking at density of different liquids, this one was different coloured liquids with different amounts of salt in - looks great eh?
    we called it the traffic light experiment!

    Summerland 22

  3. What did you use to make this fab experiment.
    Omar High Lawn

  4. What does ignition mean.It was very weird and cool at the same time because its wierd how its gone like that plus it looks like a rainbow. Also it was very intresting. WELL DONE!!!

    From Shauna & Shannon (High-Lawn):)