Friday, 8 July 2011


This month Muslims are celebrating Ramadan.
Ramadan is a month where muslims do not eat or drink anything during the day. We do this because our god gave us food and drinks. So we should't be playing with food and water or our god might take away all our food and water. So this is why we do Ramadan to bless our god and thanking him for giving us muslims food and water. For kids the most striking thing about Ramadan is fasting. Children sometimes go crazy and have a tantrum when they are doing fasting. For example celebrants spend more time with there family. Ramadan ends with a celebration called ' Eid Ul Fitr ' (eed al fitter) or the festival of fast breaking. Eed ul fitr lasts for three days. During the celebration, children get gifts from relatives and their parents.

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By Rayhan, Faaziah and Fardeen.

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  1. That ramadan story is great and now I know about ramadan to because of that fantastical blogpost Rayhan Faaizah and Fardeen. muchas grasias :) Tamanna