Thursday, 23 June 2011


Along time a go Miss Cheeseman was doing a quiz with the class and my group was  playing games on manic maths. She asked  that what mounth has the fewest days. At the end they checked it togther and that working as a team. When Miss Cheeseman was checking that which mounth has  the fewest days I said that there is a trick of checking which mounth's have the fewest day's. The trick goes like this put your knuckles in front of you then count January, Febuary, March and the one that comes not on top of the knuckles that is the fewest days and the one that comes at the top is the 30 days.


  1. Very Interesting, But Mounth is spelled month But good try. So that is how you do the trick. Who wrote this? That was quite hard. Abigail :)

  2. Cool writing!!!