Thursday, 23 June 2011

M&M Experiment!!!

( M&M's with water in a petri dish. )
     These are some things that happened  about  this experiment:

  • The colour from the M&M's dissolved into the H20.
  • The colours did not mix because H20 is a liquid and M&M's are a solid.
  • If we moved the petri dish the colours will mix because there is a force happening.

If you have a question just comment.

By Atalia :)


  1. M&m science experiment was great.They werelike tornado's with colour.Brandon

  2. Fantastic Miss Cheeseman's class. This looks like a really interesting experiement and has given our Year 5 class some ideas of experiements they might like to try. Keep it up!
    Year 5 High Lawn, Bolton.

  3. That is very cool how they mix. When you click on the picture it look's like Mentos cause the red or some other's don't have the chocolate yet! Atalia I love and it's funny how you said If you have a question just comment THANKS!!!!! It is quite funny. Abigail :)

  4. WOW What a awesome picture where was it when you did it?

    By Gabe

  5. Hi, if you do not know what H2O means, it means water.
    By the author: Atalia

  6. Atalia the author2 July 2011 at 10:26 am

    Gabes answer to his question.

    I do not know where it was because I found it in the summerland file.
    And I did not do it because it was last year I think.
    By Author: Atalia