Thursday, 23 June 2011

Candy land!!

In Candy land they have all different  kinds of candy you can make a lollipop!!!
They have choclate lips, gummy bears, space sticks that were green and pink I got all of them yum yum.  It smelt like like nothing that you have ever smelt before.  Some stuff as squashy,soft,solid some stuff  tasted like sour apple, yum,caramel, and bananna. This is what my sister Elliott has to say ''All of the lollies tasted yummy'


  1. Ohh yum!! Wish I went there! Look's pretty yum to me. You make me want to eat sugar right now!!:) I love the picture's behind you. But where did you go to Candy Land? Did you get any free stuff from there?? Or what flavour's were there? Abigail

  2. I love that you did this in your own time Gabe, but where is all the detail? What is it like in Candyland? What did you do there? What was your favourite bit? What types of candy are there?
    Describe it in detail and use your senses too - touch, taste, smell etc
    Go on, give it a go! :-)