Monday, 2 May 2011

Discovery Time

At 9.00 we started Discovery Time. We got to chose our own activity about Prince William and Catherine. The things that we could do computers, money [wedding gifts], crown making,writing captions for Prince William, Harry and Kate, free art, making a wedding menu, instruments and dress-up box. Gabe, Andrew, Stephanie, Rocky, Tamana, Kirsten, Keziah, Jasmine, Faaizah and Junmin did instruments and dress up. Both of them were really fun...because we got to chose the things that we wanted to do. Stephanie did the Royal Wedding menu and the instruments; the menu was a little bit hard but I got threw it o.k . The instruments, I was good at them I got a sharing card from Miss Cheeseman.  Stephanie and Andrew were good players at the instruments they were awesome at it. I love the instruments it was so fun and cool.

Stephanie and Junmin


  1. Looks like you had a great time trying out Discovery Time! I wonder if you would like to do Discovery Time again and what was the best thing about it?
    Miss Signal

  2. I wood like to do it again miss signal.the best part was i got to do something at discovery time, i choose to do dress ups.

  3. You look really funny Jasmine and your crown looks a little funny.

  4. Cameron you look really busy like work people and whats up with the wig. Looks like that was fun.

  5. well I loved dress up but I think we could of had enough time to finish our movie. we had a lot of fun and I bet the whole class did to, I love discovery I want to do it every day.

  6. Jasmine thats a nice crown of yours that you made at discovery time.

  7. We also were excited when Harry & Kate got married. Is the Queen your Queen too? She is the Queen of Canada.

  8. Ha ha, it was William and Kate [Harry is Williams brother!] and YES she is the honorary Queen of NZ and our teacher is English so she got pretty excited about the wedding and some of the children did too because their parents are English.
    Thanks for the comments