Thursday, 7 July 2011

100 days of learning!!!

100 Dice [or Die]
Yesterday Muriwai pod did 100 days of learning. First we all got into our buddys. Then every person from  Room 21, had to get 100 things. When we were all sorted, we had to make something creative and all we had was the 100 things in the pack. Abby, Nikita and I, Stephanie made a penguin. Emma, Emma and I, Atalia made a flower. "Wow it looked amazing" I said to myself, and it was so cool and I loved the shape of it. The penguin was out of lego  it was hard the make into that shape it broke a lot because it was not still so it kept going side to side???
Our group's one was very easy because the only thing we had to do was do a big circle and a small circle then make the petals out of the big circle. The other thing Abigal  wanted to do was skip a 100 times. And the other thing that Emma wanted to do was say her name 100 times. And Neha typed her name on the computer 100 times. It was pretty awesome doing something 100 times but it was tiring. After Morning tea we all played maths games. I, Stephanie  I played  sting and in or out. And I, Atalia played Multiplication bingo and then I measured water. It was the best day ever...

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