Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The BIG day!

One lovely morning Dylan went to the beach to test his surfing skills. "The air smelt like salt and the water feels like heaven above" he said in a soft voice. Then he ran in the water to catch some waves then he jumped on his board he looked back he saw the biggest wave he's seen then the wave came closer and closer until...the wave came. Dylan said "it's time for my best trick" and he did his trick and as the water splashed in his face the sun laughed and did tricks in the sky everyone was happy even the crabs. Even though they're a bit snappy sometimes, then Dylan jumped off his bored and laughed it was AMAZING it felt as if the world stopped and his heart was the only sound he could hear then the world started again. In 2 or 3 hours it would be dusk soon, so I should be going soon. As he walked home he saw a big poster it was bigger than a giant, the poster said SURF COMPETITION MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY winner get's MILLIONS of dollars and the girl of your dreams. "Wow thought Dylan." I think I should sign up Dylan" announced Dylan, so he did after 20 minutes of walking he was home he opened the door. Dylan thought about the competition he wondered who is the judge. On Monday Dylan got up at 4.30 so he could warm up he sighed he was thinking of Lilly the girl of his dreams. He looked at his clock 5.00 "the competition started in 2 hours" he said nervously. He left the house and started walking with his heavy bored then he got to the beach he saw all the other guys warming up, he got in the water and waited until the competition started. Then it started it was the BIG day. First up Dylan Tammy. It was time he paddled and paddled and paddled the wave came he was worried, but no time for that it was time for the big trick then he tried to do it. Lilly was watching. Then Dylan got very unsteady and he fell off and hit his head on a rock. "Ow, wow that must of hurt". "Hey every one back in from the water", when Dylan came back Lilly bolted up to him and asked him if he was all right. When the competition was over they announced the winner is .......... Timmy Egghead Dylan was anxious he wanted to win, and win the girl of his dreams Lilly. Lilly jogged  up to Dylan" hey are you ok " wondered Lilly "no said Dylan sadly "I wanted to get the girl of my dreams "he said "and who was that" she said weirdly, "you he said "hey don't worry I like you just the way you are ". In the end Dylan got the girl of his dreams and Lilly got the guy of her dreams.
 Kiana :)

NB: We got this photo from to write our creative story - this man takes awesome photos everyday at Bondi beach

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  1. Great job Kiana I like the story that you posted. I like how you used description in your story.