Thursday, 16 June 2011

Book character parade

IT WAS BOOK CHARACTER DAY today. As soon as I got to school I saw all the amazing costumes and I mostly saw fairies. Then we went to the hall. All the pods had a turn on the stage and had to parade in front of everyone, then it was Muriwai turn. I was nervous but I did it.
First we had to wave and then we had to pose and then we went back to were we sat. When we were done we came back to class. I could not believe that I was nervous. Then at morning tea me and my friend went to the hall and we looked at the boxes that we had made about books. I really liked room 22s box about the Mr Gum books [By Andy Stanton] and also I liked room 8s boxes.
One of my favorite characters from my class was Little Red Riding Hood. Another one was from room 14 a boy dressed up as an army man and another was from room 7. He was a security  man. One from room 19 was a girl was wearing angel wings and a halo.
by Neha

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