Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The wet cross country day

Cross country On your marks get set go!!!!!! Round the corner somebody slips slip their goes  another,  I said "I bet Im not going to slip over I thought ? " Oops I slip over in the softball cage.
I run up the hill I feel my asthma, I see the finish line here I come. I came 5th place my new record!
It's pouring with rain and the field turned brown with mud. The rain drops got me in my eye the water felt refreshing because I was sweaty and the water cooled me down.
An anonymous Parent said "I've never been so wet in my life."
Kirsten said "I have never been to cross country in the rain I hope in the next cross country it won't rain that hard."
Chantelle said "I hated it because wind and rain was everywhere in my face.''


Photographs by Stephanie


  1. That was a good picture of Sam and the face paint was really cool.Wow how did the face paint? Stephanie:) :(

  2. Awesome face paint Sam hope you come in 1.

  3. That hair-do looks awesome and his face is mostly painted with purple. Atalia

  4. Why I liked this photo is the people look funny.


  5. We think it looks like you had fun. It rains a lot in Port Hardy too! Some of us like to play in the rain and some of us do not.

  6. Wow stephani you really took those pictures they look awesome. Maxime in the purple and sam in the purple paint and as lipstick. Tamanna. :-) :)

  7. WOW Muriwai your so alsome
    Jayda p Room 21