Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Waiheke islands!!!

On Saturday I went to Waiheke Islands!! I went there on a fabulous cruise. I came with my mother, my farther, my sister and my cousins that came all the way from Canada!!!!!! Their names are Nazia, Firaaz and Zain. While we were waiting my lovely and generous farther gave all of us ice-blocks because it was really hot that day. When we were on the top deck of the Fullers cruise my hair kept on staying on my face. When we were waiting for the cruise to stop at Waiheke Islands I saw Bay of Islands, Rangitoto and some other islands I forgot about. When we finally got to Waiheke Islands we all ran to the bus tour. My dad was talking to the man that owned the truck for the tour he made best friends with my dad so we got to go on the tour for free.  Then we went down to the cafe to eat something. I had a chocolate muffin, my dad had a chocolate brownie and everyone else wasn't hungry. Then we went back to the fullers cruise back to boring old New Zealand 
By Faaizah. 

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