Friday, 17 June 2011

Solid, Liquid and Gas!!!

Today at school in room 22, we did solid's, liquid's and gas's. Miss Cheeseman brang in a kettle, ice, cup of water and some plates. When we had everything sorted, Miss Cheeseman put the ice on the plates and we all felt the ice. What I learnt was that the ice was a solid because it felt hard. After that Miss Cheeseman put water in the kettle, and started boiling it. While the kettle was boiling there was steam coming out because inside the kettle it is boiling. The air that is coming out is like the condensation on the window that you see in the morning. The water that was in the cup was a liquid because you can pour it. After we did that experiment we did a Y chart of what we learnt and it was fun.
Hope you learnt something!!!

By Atalia


  1. Wow! I just learnt something that I never knew but know I know. Atalia

  2. Wow Atalia that was so much fun you have done a amazing job well done you have put a full stop every where you need one

    Well done. :)

  3. Awesome job Atalia. I think that if you ask a question to room 22 about solids liquids and gases they will know the answer.

  4. Wow that was so much fun learning about solid liquid and gas. It is a very good thing to learn about i really like doing since things.

    Devin :)