Friday, 24 June 2011

Science discovery time.

At science discovery time there was eight activities and we did it in the hall with are pod there was putty that could bounce and marbles, blocks, tubes. The friction section was cool you rube a ballon on your hare and it go's up magic lee and i made a snail and slug out of silly putty. The putty was lot's of colour's like green, pink, blue, yellow, orange and purpule. There was popcorn but we had to do it by a stove it was quite hard to do it by stove but you need a chalinge some times you now. We made bubbles with water and liquid and coat hangers
By Stephanie and Brandon


  1. Thank you for taking the photo of mw Miss Cheeseman!

  2. That science ignation day is awesome and astounding. It felt fun as well. Tamanna:-)