Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Akshays finger puppet show

I made 5 finger puppets for my school home learning project. First one was Monty the monkey who likes eating bananas. The second one was Gill the tall Giraffe, then it was Ele the elephant, next came Burphy the bird and finally Lionel the fierce lion!
They are best friends who live in the same jungle.
I did a finger puppet show of 5 characters, one for each finger!
It was fun making these puppets which I made from scratch. I got a kit to make the puppets. I liked making the puppets. The best part was glueing the eyes. The puppets looked cool so I brought them. I love my puppets. My favourite puppet is Monty because he is the cleanest person in the show. He all so wakes up early in the morning too. I made a video of the puppet show too.

I am Akshay of Room 22 at Summerland Primary and here some shots of my puppet show.

Akshay's Puppet Show from Summerland22 on Vimeo.


  1. Your puppet show is very clever Akshay. I liked the way you used different voices and great expression for your characters.
    What a fun way to tell a story.
    From Mrs Gridley and JuniorG

  2. Cool! I liked the lion

    Abigail Room 21

  3. Dain rm 22 last year19 May 2011 at 9:41 am

    Good job Akshay, but next time can you be careful with your fingers? That would be really good if you did that!!!

  4. I did a puppet show and I made the puppets. I love my puppets and also I brought a kit.

    By Akshay

  5. I hop you like my puppet show.

  6. We thought your finger puppets were wonderful. We had finger puppets in Kindergarten that we liked to play with. What did you make your puppets out of?