Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dance off in room 22

On friday we went on a trip to corban's art centre.We left school before morning tea we came back after lunch.For lunch we had subway. After lunch time we had to make cards for the parent helpers. Some people did blogs.

Miss Cheeseman said if we have enough time we could have a dance off. On friday was white glove day. We had to do a Michael Jackson dance. Sasha's group was the best because there one wasn't random they new what they were doing but the others were good as well. Hannah's group was so funny. Hannah's group were doing random things they danced to thriller. Rhiannon was doing a bunch of random dance moves but she was funny as.

This year was the first celebration of Micheal Jacksons death.

by Sasha & Tui

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure I was absent that day.
    Was there Micheal Jackson's music on
    Miss Cheeseman's laptop? Which group was the most hesitant group I bet I was someone
    like Nawshi! At least they tried their best