Friday, 25 June 2010

On the 24th of June room 22 and 21 went to Corban's Art Centre and we made a Korowai
it was so cool. First we had hession material and we had to fold the top down to about 3\4 then we had to put two fingers down at the bottom and put a line across then do it again but this time we had to do it up above the line. We had to get the long grass and cut it up the top diagonal and stub it in the first line and up through the top line and back down [like a fish].
Then turn it around and pull it so it won't came out. Then we had to get same more long grass a keep on going to the end.
Next got yellow leaves [called kenko] and do the same it is just like diving down like a fish and coming up like a dolphin and then back down and pull at the back. Then we got some feathers. This time we had to flip our korowai over and thread the feathers through. then we were finished and had to sew it together along the fold line. it was really awesome working with the fibres - but the bits of grass gets everywhere. check out our photos here
also look at Mr Qadir's awesome shots here too

By Sasha and Liutu

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