Monday, 19 July 2010

cooperative games

Tied up in knots made the start of the term interesting. Room 22 played a game called ties that bind games.What happens is you need a partner and two pieces of string, what you need to do next is you need to make a knot so the string can fit on your hand so you don't cheat. The rules in this game are you are not aloud to use scissors, slip your hands out of the string or bite the string with your teeth. The aim of the game is to figure out a way to untangle yourself and your friend.Now when you and your friend have finished and have untangled your self you have just finished the game.And the best way to help you in the game is to use communication and cooperation.
Co-operative fun to start the term! on PhotoPeach

By Rhiannon

Q: What did the rope say after it got tangled?
A: Oh, no, knot again!
[thanks Mrs Brown for that joke]


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  2. I like the joke.
    But why there is joke in the co-operative game?
    Anyway, co-operate game was hard.......


  3. That was quite hard because most of us ended up tangled in knot! But it was fun all the same!

    Rm 22