Thursday, 15 July 2010

~***~ Trip to Mt Maunganui ~***~

Last week on Tuesday the six of July my Mum and I went down to Tauranga - Mt Maunganui to stay for six days. It took two hours and a half to get to Tauranga from Auckland. When we got to Mt Maunganui we stayed in an apartment named the Atrium. We had a fabulous time staying there for four days and after that we stayed with my auntie and then a night with Nana. At the Atrium we got the penthouse. The penthouse that we stayed in was in the forth floor and it was huge. When we got in we where staring at the beautiful ocean that sparkled in the sun. We could see the Mount. I went to see my room...I was sleeping in a double bed looking out to the sparkling ocean sea and I had a wardrobe to. It was BEAUTIFUL. All the way down the other end was my Mum's room. She had a double bed as well and she could see the beautiful ocean as well. Near my room their was a bathroom, the lounge, and the kitchen. It was so hot on the Wednesday that we needed shorts! We loved it. Soon the four days were over and we had to check out. It was one of the saddest times of our!! That night ( Friday ) We went out for dinner to Blues cafe and bar restaurant with my auntie. We stayed at her house that night. Then that Sunday we went back to home sweet home!! We had SO much fun I can't wait till the next holidays!!



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