Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rain Forest Express

Today I went to the Rain Forest Express in Titirangi with my mum and we took a lot of food because of the brouchure saying it would take about 3 hours to watch in the Express train.
We came to early so we looked around and took some pictures waiting untill the Express train comes.
There were rules about the Express train,The rules were watching out for poisons and traps,no putting our body outside the Express train and listening what the explaining people are telling and the really important rules are no opening the door when the train is going and no touching plants that we don't Know for example:Tutu is a poisonous plant!and the other important rule is no breaking the rules.
The leader had called our groups name , when we were getting in train, my mum was keep baging her head on the window and the leader said to be careful further.
The train is passing 10 tunnels,nine briges and a highest dam - Nihotupu in Auckland.
The interesting thing was watching gloworm and grasshopper in the tunnel and the dam was so scary because it's high and looks like a cliff.
I have learnt the dam is supplying to 1.2million Aucklander .
The journey seemed to through the bush .


  1. Alex, this is an awesome post and I am actually very keen on doing this little train journey myself now! It sounds like you learned a lot during the trip - I learned something from your post - I didn't know NZ had poisonous plants like the Tutu! fascinating.
    Thanks heaps for sharing your experience AND for bothering to ring to check out login and password in order to post too. I am very proud of you, well done!

  2. This is a fantastic blog post Alex!

    :) Sahville(: