Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rainbows end fun!!!!

On Saturday I went to Rainbows End in Auckland and there is so much fun stuff there you might feel like staying the night there. RIDES- The rides that are there are dodgems, Invader, Bumper Boats, Gold Rush, Log flume, Fear Fall, Movie Theatre 180, Motion Master, Coca Cola Roller Coaster, Power Surge Family Karts, Scorpin Karts. LOG FLUME- When you go on the log flume you go down a big hill and when you get to the bottom you get wet. PICTURES- When you go on a ride there are cameras by the rides so when you go down a hill do a funny face. CAMERAS- When you are on a ride that has water, beside to them be very care full because when you take your hands out of the boats the camera people will see you and you will get in trouble.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I love the rides here - especially the log flume, they photograph you going down the slope into a huge water splash!
    Sounds like you had heaps of fun...just wish you had told us who you were...LOL
    Great job in posting during your holidays!
    Miss Cheesy