Friday, 23 July 2010

Kiwikick taster session

Yesterday we went to the courts to play kiwikick. Kiwikick is like rugby, but its more better and the people who do it tell you how to get better at kicking. We did the drop punt. We had lots of fun with room 17 and the kiwikick guy. We had to try to hit the teachers with the rugby ball by drop punting the ball, hardly anyone hit the teachers because they were kicking too hard. Some of the class were good at kicking. We also tried to hit Adam with the rugby ball. When you drop punt the ball you have to put the laces towards the person you are kicking too 'laces away from faces'. You have to kick with the bridge of your foot. You have to imagine there is mud on your toes and you want to kick it to your partner.
We played a game warm up, we had to jump on one foot and run on the spot and stuff and then when he blowed the whistle we had to rush to pick the rugby ball off the floor.
By Tamir and Jarred
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  1. Wow It looked like you all had soo much fun...sadly I wasn't there to join you but I can still see that you had lots of fun. I loved the funky, groovy photos in the video. I have a few questions...Did you learn how to kick a rugby ball? Did you learn how to pass a rugby ball? I hope you all had fun. Thanks keep up the great work rm 22....


    P.S U ROCK

  2. Kiwi Kick was so awesome and I like the way we got to kick the ball around. I wonder what else they do with other children?????????
    Anyway I like the photos they remind me about what we did.
    That was a awesome blog.

    By Aaliyah and Sasha.