Tuesday, 27 July 2010

mystery egg...

Two kids from room 13 came in to show us an egg but what type of egg we don't know? we had to guess what it was. I saw that it was dark green with white lumps all over it and it was about the size of a kiwi's egg. Was it an emu, a peacock, an ostrich, an albatross or a crocodile egg?

The next day they said it was an emu. At morning tea they broke the egg and cooked it and now eating it. These are some photos.



  1. That was a interesting egg! I've never seen a green egg before!

  2. that looks really ymm's i wish i could have some...you stink guys why didnt yu cook any 4 me!!!


  3. It so sad that they use to make to scramble egg. I won't eat that scramble egg.

    Jae ^_^

  4. Cool, Awesome, Interesting and MORE!
    I was sick then i really wanted to see it ooooh. It would be cool if it was a peacock egg because their pretty as well as the egg. One thing you could work on though exciting words like a description sort of.
    ( ='.'= )