Friday, 23 July 2010

kiwi egg

A surprise came to the library for room 22. Miss Galbraith had brought in a kiwi egg as she let us pass it around. Miss Cheeseman walked away saying OMG i can't look! because she thought we were going to break it. When we got to the end we were wondering how such a big egg could fit in a small kiwi?
by Ginger


  1. OMG! you guys are LUCKY to see the kiwi egg I wish I was there to see it

  2. Yes, I wonder how such a small bird can lay such a big egg and then keep it warm.
    You were very luck to see one up close. I wonder where Ms Galbraith got the egg from?

    Mrs Edwards

  3. WOW a kiwi egg I you guys are lucky that you guys got to see the egg, must of been exciting and interesting. AMAZING