Monday, 12 July 2010

Our Fishing Trip

During the holidays, my family and I went fishing in Warkworth. The beach was called Omaha Beach. It was a very cold and windy day and there was drops of rain. It took about 1 hour to get there and there was lots of traffic. When we go there, we had to get lots of things out from the back. This included fishing rods,buckets, tackle and bait. Rain started dripping on our heads as we walked to the beach. It was tricky waliking to where we fish because there was of sharp rocks and sticks. I then realised that it was low tide, so I thought there might not be a chance of fishing up any fish. But my dad didn't care so he just keep fishing. Timed passed as we still hadn't reeled in anything. The sun was coming down and the water started to rise. It was high tide. This was a chance of fish. It started to rain so my mum, brother, sister and I found a big rock and hid in it for shelter. My dad then got a couple of bites of the legal size snappers. He then caught a Kahwai too. I also got a chance to cast and fish but I always get the bait stuck between the rocks. My mum fished up a couple of snappers that ended up to be bigger than my dad's catch. The day ended in a big tasty dinner and lots of fish. 10 Snappers, 1 Khawai, 1 Trevally and another I don't know. This also ended up to be the best day my dad ever had!!

By Louisa

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