Thursday, 5 March 2009

Totally Twisted Taniwha's.

We all drew the outlines of some Taniwhas. Some teachers selected the best designs. We projected the 4 selected Taniwhas onto the large card, we copied the outlines. We are making our own Taniwhas human sized.
We have been collaging over them, we stuck bits of little pieces of paper from magazines on to the vivid lines of the Taniwhas. After that we all worked in a team to stick the papers on the Taniwhas using the coloured parts of magazines to match the colours of the Taniwhas.
We are still working on them because they have the pieces of paper have to be the size of your thumb but they are looking so good. You can see more pictures of our art work here
Malaga and Ezrah.


  1. Hey Malaga

    This page looks so cool i think our Taniwhas look great.

    Good job mate Ezy;P

  2. You guys are awesome!!!! Our taniwhas look great!!! Thanks Ezrah and Malaga for doing this blog. Miss Hughes