Tuesday, 24 March 2009

E.O.T.C Survival day

Yesterday, we had E.O.T.C survival day. We had to do 6 activities. They are: Make a waterproof shelter using bamboo, string, tarps and rocks. Next activity was First Aid, we learnt how to use medical equipment when a doctor is around and what to do when someone or you are on fire. Another activity was making our own stretcher, it was as hard as drawing a masterpiece, using jumpers, 2 planks of wood, scissors and black sacks. We had to carry a person in our team on the stretcher through an obstacle course with one person blind folded. it was hard carrying someone in the stretcher. Then we used charcoal to cook sausages because in an earthquake there is no power. We also put up tents using teamwork. It was also hard putting up the tents because some of us didn't know how to because we hadn't put one up before. Last of all we made alarms using 1 plastic bottle, 20 sheets of newspaper, 1 piece of cloth, 1 pair of scissors, 1 roll of sellotape and string also doing a 20 second dance. the point of the activity was to communicate using sign language. Everyone except for 1 person couldn't speak because they drunk some water that gave them a virus. It was a fun day but tiring at the end.
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  1. Hello my wonderful Room 4. I have been really enjoying reading your blog and finding out (in lots of depth) what you have been up to. it is such a cool way of sharing your thoughts and your learning isn't it?!

    Your EOTC week certainly looks and sounds COOL!

    From Mr G