Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cluster Swimming Day 09

Wow Swimming Cluster Day already it must been so fun. First we had to get into groups of 5's,4's and even 3's some of the parents had to take us to the Swimming Pools, we had to wait in our age groups and wait for our age groups to be called out, some of us had to swim back stroke, breast stroke and or freestyle some of the events were so fun!!! The people swimming splashed a lot because their arms were moving so fast!
There were about 11 schools there. Heaps of parents, teachers and children were at Westwave. We came 6th equal with Holy Cross, which was awesome! We got into all the final races too!
Ezy and Michael
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  1. It was cool at awesome at your swimming sports. Was it cold? How cold was it?
    Room 4 Styles

  2. It was cold but it was lots of fun.
    Room 4

  3. You are right, it was freezing out of the water.
    Teigan Room 22

  4. That was an awesome post Ezrah I like it.Zeyaad