Monday, 9 March 2009

Krypton Factor 09

Hey guys, Yesterday Was Krypton 09. We had two teams we had a Team A and Team B. Miss Davies and Miss Rack were running it. There were about 18 schools that enrolled, there were about 8 to 10 events. The events were awesome they were active, cool and funny. My favourite event was the obstacle course we had to go under ropes through tyres, through a pair of ropes, up a concrete mountain, through the playground, down the hill then through the ropes, we did this going one way and then back. The activity was active and fun too but we were all in groups doing it. This was also the hardest activity.
It was a great day, I love the fun activities and they are good for my health.

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krypton factor on PhotoPeach


  1. Hey guys

    I think we did good yesterday well done us.....


  2. Wow that looks really cool, I wish I was there to see that!


  3. That looks liked it was heps of fun I hope you
    gys had a good time


  4. Wow i had so much fun at Krpton Factor!
    Too bad we lost....

    At least i won a raffle prize, it was huge! I still wonder why Miss Davies or Miss Rack didn't but a tent to shade us from the burning sun!

    I thought we would win the best supporting but i guess i was just too hyped!

    Lynette :) ;)

  5. hehehehe so funny i think we should of......