Friday, 6 March 2009

Mr Gardener

Hey guys today we Summerland has just had Mr Gardener over to our school, He was so funny he read us lots of funny stories with lots of funny characters. When we were sitting down in the school Hall he sometimes choose someone from the crowd to come up and play a character, Then sometimes he would play the characters by himself he was the funniest Gardener ever and he loves to read stories, He is so funny.



  1. I am SO GUTTED I missed the Gardner, I love his stories! Apparently he reads at Palmers plant store in Glen Eden on Saturdays.
    Miss Cheesy

  2. Thats great to hear,being so funny is the way to go, even when reading. I wonder how he got his name the Gardner?.....

    KOOL JOHN (Ezrah's dad)

  3. A question to ponder i wonder how.....