Monday, 16 March 2009

Bullies In Our School!

Lots of schools are having trouble with bullies, the reputation of our school of having good citizens are going down. The most common situation in our children's lives are about bullies threatening us or using bad actions, such as kicking, pushing and punching. If we have a staff meeting with all of the teachers about how to stop the bullying in our schools and keep things safe. Our environment would be a bad place if we don't stop this bullying now! So we need to make our kids environment better and safe to live in. Even we try to stop bullying but sometimes we don't care and just do it anyway. So if our kids keep on bullying we will give them four warnings, and if they don't stop bullying they will get some of their medicine!
(Isn't that quite dangerous?!)



  1. Awsome! it's great man I would love to give them bullies a taste of their own medicine!


  2. Bullies are just people who feel bad about themselves and feel they need to make other people feel bad too! Don't put up with any form of bullying. You are so right when you say that we need a safe environment. Good thinking!!!
    From Mrs Kelly at Tamaki Primary

  3. Good post lynette i think bullies should be delt with and been throw in detention. Ezrah

  4. im so for the idea