Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Apple bus tour piles in our class

On the 17/3/09 the Apple bus tour came to Summerland. They go around New Zealand for one whole week, they go to over 6 different schools and learn new stuff about schools and what they are doing. Some of them asked us some cool questions and what we were doing, we were making a new post about our new character descriptions. We had around 20 too 35 teachers in the school and had around 10 too 15 people in the class at a time, some of the cool questions were like what is this you are doing, How do you do that and yeah. Some of the teachers from the different schools told us about their own class blogs, some of them told us their blog names so we could search them on where most blog people log on to their own blog.

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Apple Bus Tour on PhotoPeach

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