Thursday, 12 March 2009

All The Good Times

Hi I'm Jared and we're going to have to put my cat down, he is getting really old.  But, I'm going to tell you about all the good times with him. Well first his name is Blacky. One of them is when I feed him I love how his lovely soft fur rubs against me to tell me he is hungry. I also like how he comes and sits on my lap to grease me up if he's been naughty! 
Last of all I love how he looks at me with those big black eyes it's sort of like he knows what I'm thinking. So thats all the good times with him. 
I will miss him but at least I have two other cats Puss and Boots.  We called one of them Boots because her feet were like boots and we called the other one Puss because we thought it would rhyme with Boots. JD


  1. That is very sad to hear about your cat. When we are sad, it's good to have some happy memories. I'm glad you wrote about the good times. It's good you have Puss and Boots to keep you company. I'm sure they will miss Blacky too. Kia kaha Jared

  2. AWW! I feel so sorry for you! I wish i could make Blacky come back to life!
    Well you got to move on....
    Hope things get better!

    Lynette ;)