Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Today we done Zumba with too hard out ladies  one Miss Pullman and the other lady was Rosaline. Our first song was O.M.G (oh my gosh) we had so much fun dancing away like we we're at a party. We did moves that were kind of hard and some moves were easy like shaking you bottom that was easy. The hard dance move was when we had to jump and roll our hands in the air until Rosaline changed the move. The  song to that we didn't know. The third dance I liked because we had to shake it like someone is shaking you that is why it was the best dance that we did that was fun for me it was but other people would say that they like O.M.G better because it was the best song and the best moves in that song. Everyone sang in the last song  the last song was party in the USA and every body sang how amazing do you know why? Well because the BOY'S we're singing HAHAHA. that is such a crack up I have never seen boy's sing before but only my brother. The girls we're singing like they we're at a club singing for a band that was so fun hope Miss Pullman and Rosaline is reading this thank you's. You are two amazing glorious,graceful teachers. 

If you want to do Zumba come to Summerland community house on Wednesday after school it starts at 3.30pm

By Olepa and Sasha

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