Sunday, 5 September 2010

The winning match

Last night we had a match Oratia Cool Cats v's the Oratia Hawks for a catch up match of soccer. First we did same shots at goal to warm-up but our keeper was sick and I was back up so I was the one that got shot at in the goal. But on the other hand I could pick up the ball which was cool then the other team arrived.

Then it was kick off I was midfielder Tom passed to Kail and then he went all the way (with us fowling Kail to the goal line ) to the keepers goal and booted it right to him. so he punched the ball to the goal line so it was a corner. so Kail did the corner. Kail passed to jamie and jamie passed to me ( with the hawks still at the corner ) so I booted the ball into the goal ( with the keeper still looking at the corner ) and I said "GOAL!!!!!" it was 1-0 .But I forgot to rip open my shirt up. oops getting to far now sorry!!! Now back to the game since we got a goal it was there kick off.

(Right at the back of me was this larch pudie of MUD ) the coach said goal for the cool cats. Kick off for the hawks then it was half time so our coach Kevin told us about the game plain when we wore eating Moorobars hay don't look at me I'm not In charge ok ok good then it was back on I was keeper for this half and then it when it so fast the coach said"full time" then we shook hands with the hawks saying good game good game "ok we get it'' ''ha its my story here'' ''I thought it was real '' ''it is '' ''ok''. lets get to the good point now I got player of the day so at 4:00 tonight at the club room for the prize draw to win a $20 Sterling sports gift card. and you get a bottle of coke + a bag of chips. so at 4:00 we went to the club room for fun and for the gift card. so they called out the 9 yr old boys cool cats it was a win 1-0 at that point I ran up to get the bottle of coke and a bag of chips and they draw out a name for a prize and they called out Josh- I got a $20 Sterling sports vocuher.



  1. This is a very good description Josh, you have described the game very well. Have you thought about what you are going to spend your $20 voucher on?

    Mrs Edwards-Knauf

  2. no but I have been thinking to get a new Nike ball or to save up for some Nike shoes. Or some darts

  3. this spring i do a sport called Bmx bike motocross