Tuesday, 14 September 2010

F1 italian Grand Prix 2010

The idea's of the high speed track in the circuit of Monza 1955, Antonio Beri and Aldo Di Renzo had one goal, Create a  track with a very high avarege speed, Without having changing of direction and with no use of brakes. the project so, strarted from the idea of the the one built in 1922, but with a modern concept. Finally the "ring" was composed of two half circle of a radius of about 320 meter and two straights of 875 meter. With a slope fo 80 % the car could keep going at 300 km/h all long the circuit.

The circuit of Monza will again host the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy from the 10th untilthe12th September 2010. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most popular races on the F1 calendar worldwide. In 2008 it saw the maiden victory of Vettel in his Torro Rosso. In the extreme wet conditions the German took pole on Saturday and brought home the victory on Sunday. The “Autodromo di Monza” is the ultimate circuit for speed lovers. On the long straight distances the Formula 1 pilots can race high speeds. Overtaking is easy, but also very dangerous. A race on    the circuit at Monza forces a lot from both the car and the driver. As a result, spectacular crashes are also known to occur. A race at the “Autodromo di Monza” guarantees annual tension and sensation. This race should not be missed by real race fans cool !!!!!!!  
The race was on sunday on C4 I watched it  while the V8's were on Tvnz 3 .The race stared with Luwis Hamton crashed in the opening lap,

Hey may still be stuck on zero points, but the 2010 season has progressed so well for  Lotus that they look increasingly likely to finish the year as the best of the three new teams and clinch the all-important tenth spot in the constructors’ championship. For a team that only came into being a year ago, it’s an excellent achievement, and with some key announcements about their future due in Singapore next weekend, team principal Tony Fernandes is understandably feeling proud''. team Lotus spoke  '' I say well done''
there is two track's  here

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