Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ginger's creative nature poem

N = nothing but a little door, will lead you into nature's tour

A = animals run and jump all day, while people sit and fade away

T = trees of the forest and plants of the land, and the cactus will lie in the sand

U = you know the seasons Summer,  Autumn, Winter, Spring, something god will always bring

R = rain can make some of our rivers, and some are cold that gives me the shivers

E = earth will spin round and round, on this place that someone's found

by Tenera AKA Ginger  [yes it's my own work!]


  1. Fantastic acrostic poem. I really like the way you used clear descriptive language in your poem, especially the part "some are cold, that gives me shivers." It created some fantastic pictures in my mind.
    Keep up the amazing writing! Miss Signal

  2. Cool poem I really liked it
    Make some more it's fun to read them

    from Nawshi

  3. That is so awesome Ginger! You should be a poet some day....


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