Monday, 20 September 2010

Pirate day with Rm 21

Clang! Clang! CLANG! That's the sound of the swords bashing into each other! Starting from the morning bell - Beep! - till the end of school, we had a day, a wonderful day when we dressed up into our fantastic costumes, from head to toe, all pirate things such as an eye patch, a cutlass, and all sorts of other stuff! Even things that others never thought of! Some thought of wearing stockings underneath their pants! I think that was really creative in some ways! Because only a few, well, that was including me, of course! We did pirate activities all day long! Miss Cheeseman even put links to pirate websites! You know how she loves pirates, right? No? Well, she does. I think it's because of her dream boyfriend, Johnny Depp. :)
Anyway, we did math activities like counting in 3's and 4's. Then, we did some co-ordinate activities and pirate maps. What I mean by 'pirate maps', is that we got to make our own. Then, at the end of the day, well, near the end, we did some literacy activities. We had so much fun! To be honest, I didn't really like my pirate name which was Cabinlass Sal. Isn't that a weird name to have?
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  1. I had fun making my pirate costumes


  2. Cool, Love it,
    But maybe just for next time move my brother because he doesn't really like having a photo next to me in a slideshow.

    ( ='.'= )