Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Eid the day of joy yeah!!!!!

Yeah awesome lets go. That is the sound we make when it is Eid, Eid is the day of joy.  Eid is only        celebrated by muslim people it only comes ones a month after Ramadan which is also celebrated by   muslim people in August every year.  Eid is when muslim people go out and celebrate, they celebrate because they have been  fasting [not eating] and now it is time to eat as much as they want. For my Eid I went to Mission Bay and the  Rainbows End and ate nandos. The kids are the must luckiest because they get money from who every  they know I am so lucky because I have heaps of people in my family the only people you can't take money from is the people that are younger then you and also they can go anywhere they want to go kids choice. We muslim people call it the day of joy because it is a very fun day and we love this day . 


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