Friday, 3 September 2010

Discovery time

One spectacular Friday we joined room 20, 19, 18, 17 for discovery time. When we arrived we sat down for around 5 minutes and then the teachers from Anawhata started explaining discovery time. They had a sheet of paper with words on them they said today we are doing discovery time. The sheet said what would it look like and our mission was time management the little kids got 3 or 4 tasks the big kids got 5. We had to finish our activity's before morning tea time and we only had one hour. So when we started everything it was fine but when it was around 9:30 it was a mess they were scissors on the floor vivid's all over the floor. It took us 5 minutes or ten to pack it up. At the end of discovery time we wrote down what we found hard and why it was. Some people finished all the tasks but most of us didn't, we found it hard because people were not putting there equipment away and everything was messy. I managed to finish the sheep and the lily. When I was trying to do them I had to wait for ages for the equipment. Next time I will not wait for the equipment I will go and do something else. Then we left I really want to do it again, because its fun doing stuff with paper and sticking stuff, making things is good to take home.

Check out the photos here DISCOVERY TIME IMAGES

By Vik and Tamir


  1. The Anawhata teachers are glad you had such a great time and have learnt something.
    Perhaps your class can come up and join us again sometime.

  2. Discovery time sounds fun. What were the tasks that you had to complete? Did you have to help the little ones? I think my class would enjoy an activity like this - any suggestions for what the best activities would be?
    Thanks - Miss King Pt England