Monday, 6 September 2010

visit to Henderson

Brrrrm Brrrrm we were sitting on the bus waiting happy. When we were their we got put in to groups the first thing our group did was cooking. We made rice paper rap we made it with some cucumber,carrot,capsicum,parsley,lettuce and mint leaf. We also made an apple tart witch had some apples, egg, pastry and Cinnamon. The other activity that we done orienteering witch we went around the school looking for some clues witch was very easy. The last activity was story telling we went there for a short time but the story was called Imagine a day and it was cool because one of the photos had the same reflection and you couldn't tell witch one was witch. Then we had a sugage sizzle morning tea and a ice-block while they were setting up an assembly then we went in and sung and watch their play. Next year we we really want to go to Henderson so we can enjoy art,music and maybe even be in a play. We really liked it we hope you have fun next year when you go to visit Henderson next year.

Olepa and Tenera

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